A Little Evening Snack

Cheese, as my wife Rachel will tell you, is the food of the gods. It is truly amazing stuff. Seemingly endless varieties of tasty magic, basically starting from the same stuff, and taken in so many disparate directions and distinct bits of joy.

There are so many cheeses, from inexpensive to very pricey, that it is a blessing that a local store — Lucky’s — has a little bin where they wrap odds and ends of various cheeses that are priced under $5. While they stock dozens upon dozens of cheeses, there’s often a half dozen or so types in the little bin to choose from. It’s wonderful, because it allows for a sampling of cheeses that one might otherwise never plonk down the required money for.

And, indeed, I did plonk down $3.80 for a little piece of “Clothbound Cheddar” that runs $19.99/lb. So while the wedge I got was not large, it was enough to share with my wife, Rachel. I gave her some Triscuit and had some Sesame Crostini myself.

This isn’t the actual cheese I bought, but it does look rather like it, although my wedge was short. It was very dry and quite crumbly; a little of it crumbled as I cut it, although I ate those bits before taking the main picture. White a sharp cheese, it was not unpleasantly so. A definite bite. And for being a relatively crumbly cheese, it was buttery and smooth on the tongue.

This was a very delightful cheese and would go well on any snack tray – by itself or paired with a variety.

I am a fan of sesame. For a while, I found sesame Melba toast rounds, and they are a delight. I can’t find them anymore, but I did find these sesame crostini at Lucky’s. They are light in flavour, but are so wonderful. I love to spread cream cheese on them. They would also be amazing with the cream cheese plus a little bit of chipotle raspberry or similar spicy/sweet/smoky on top.

Little toasts make for one of my favorite cracker types, and these are such a delicious example.

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